about me.

For the longest time I have been travelling the world to participate in professional boxing contests, and to learn how the locals prepare for war. Each gym I went to had a different approach to boxing. Working on almost dance-like footwork in Cuba, and fighting in the phone booth in Japan… It wasn’t only the coaches that allowed me to better my training. When abroad, I was in awe at everything I saw, the architecture, the people, the smells… the feeling of constant discovery kept me sharp, open to learning new tools, and implementing them in my fight game.

Traveling can immensely contribute to a healthy training routine. Sometimes a simple change in scenery can push us beyond what the cloistered walls of a gym can provide. I’ve put a lot of thought into how I could maintain the feeling of discovery when I got back to my training in Paris, and I what I would need to apply in order to break the habit. I found that the answer was around me all along:

Paris – from its guts to its beating heart.

Fascinated by the potential of cultural landmarks, hidden sites and breath-taking venues, I assembled a team of art historians and architects constantly on the lookout for that hidden gem, where we can discover and train together at the same time.

Welcome to offsite boxing, a community of fitness minded explorers.

Quentin 4